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25 Ways to Mesmerize Your Wedding Day Guest

Your Wedding Day! It is one of the most important events in your life. You may have family meeting for the first time, traveling from different parts of the United States or the world. You have been to a few weddings this year and really want a day that is unique and represents the love you share. Your to treat family and friends to an unforgettable day introduced to good food, a beautiful atmosphere and great music.  Begin by choosing a venue  that is unique. There are so many options of  unique venues to go with your style or theme for your wedding day, private estates,yachts, libraries, art museums, science centers, aquarium, zoos, restaurants, wineries, beaches, forest and garden spaces. Be sure to use the entire venue to create secret room, transition guest to different rooms and spaces for a huge impact. Once you have that amazing venue here are a few ideas to keep mesmerized and in love with your wedding day.

25 Ways to Mesmerize

1. Personalize your vows to include the uniting of friends and family.

2. Share pictures of your while dating or traveling adventures and display them along the aisle in small frame at the ceremony.

3. Have guest light candles or place single flowers, notes of advice at your wedding alter, just before the processional starts.

4. Provide guest programs to read about your journey, explain cultural traditions, tell something interesting about your bridal party.

5. Have a family member or friend recite a poem, read bible scriptures or tell a story instead of musical processional.

6. Change up the configuration of  guest seating arrangements have them form a circle with your alter in the middle, instead of straight row give them a slight turn to face where you will be standing.

7. Include family or cultural traditions, wear traditional attire.

8. Share a love letters or favorite song lyrics on a customize printed aisle runner.

9. Share pictures of your adventures, date night pictures and travel in small pictures frames to decorate the wedding aisle or ceremony area.

10. Flip your wedding day timeline. Start the celebration with a cocktail dinner reception, then run off to change for the ceremony. Follow the ceremony with a party like no other with cake and more cocktails!

11. Transform your ceremony, reception spaces with lighting, pattern or monogrammed gobos, pin spotting, video mapping or glow lounge furniture pieces.

12. Statement areas or pieces such as a backdrop, a floating wedding cake, led dance floor, or a few amazingly tall floral centerpieces.

13. Have a special venue tour for guest at art gallery, museum venue spaces.

14. Beer or Wine Tastings during cocktail hour.

15. Have guest write wishes for a time capsule you will open on your first year anniversary.

16. Secret rooms for guest to enjoy a  customize cigars, or custom-made treats like; chocolates, ice cream, and cocktails.

17. Photo Booth, Hollywood Red Carpet Entrance complete with paparazzi, Polaroid Guest Book.

18.  Entertain guest during cocktail hour or reception with a live artist, living tables or magicians,or a singing quartet.

19.  Create a fresh way for guest to interact during the evening using different table shapes and sizes.

20. Treat guest to a culinary experience put a spin on your favorite meals – Breakfast for dinner? Absolutely!

21.  Avoid buffets lines place various action stations placed around the room.

22.  Treat guest to white glove service during dinner.

23.  Bring the destination to them with  themed atmosphere, decor centerpieces, music, food, and a venue that can be transformed to your favorite destination spot.

24. Provide guest with a surprise late night snack.

25. Celebrity performers, or performer look a likes.


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